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Hutter’s Carpentry designs and builds all types of decks and patios. We believe in the old rules of construction, “you get what you pay for”. With so many independent sub-contractors in the construction business, it is nice to know that we strive to create the perfect deck solutions to fit your needs, with only the best quality supplies available and the finest craftsmanship. If you are looking to add a durable, low-maintenance outdoor living space to your property in Medford, OR. Hutter’s Carpentry offers Trex decking installations that require virtually no maintenance. Trex decks come with a 25 to 50  year warranty depending on which decking you choose to enhance your property. 

Introducing Trex Transcend Lineage

Trex Transcend Lineage is the next generation of design and performance for your outdoor space. This beautiful, simple decking solution comes in two tranquil tones – Byscayne and Ranier – that can refelect the sun while reflecting your sense of style. Designed to withstnad the electments, Trex Transcend Lineage stays cooler under the sun compared to other composite decking lines.

Maximum Performance

Trex Transcend Lineage was created with superior materials that make it one of the strongest and most durable decks on the market. It also features a textured surface that’s slip-resistant, making it ideal for both wet and dry conditions no matter the time of year. Plus, you don’t have
to worry about staining or sanding like other types of decking; just clean with soap or water and your Trex deck will look as good as new!

Safety Considerations

Although Trex Transcend Lineage was designed to stay cooler than other comparable composite decking products, it still does get hot on extremely sunny days. If this is something you’re concerned about, take time to consider potential contact between exposed skin and the surface of your outdoor space—especially if children are around or people with special needs
are present.

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